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How much is large taxi fare from Incheon Airport to Grand InterContinental Parnas 

The  13-seater Big taxi fare from Incheon  Airport  to a hotel in downtown Seoul is KRW200,000won (U$150. )
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●My 13-seater Solati Large taxi  is the Largest taxi in Korea.
●How many travelers are visiting Korea? If there are more than 8 people and about 10 suitcases,
●A large 7-seater taxi can not carry 10 suitcases and 8 passengers.
●But if you reserve and use my 13-seater Solati van taxi,
●My Solati 13-seater large taxi can accommodate up to 12 adults and up to 15 luggage.
●average size of each luggage is 28 inches.The fare is not per person, but one vehicle. 
●From now on, don't take two small large taxis with  7seats, but take one large large taxi with 13 seats.
●The 13-seater Solati Taxi is a flat rate system for sections.
Up to 12 people can use luxury taxis comfortably at a 30% lower rate.
●If you want to use it, you can use it if you make a reservation at least three days in advance.
●Drivers are English/Chinese/  Japanese/Vietnamese/Spanish/
Language communication with passengers is possible. 
●Solati large taxi operator Kang Soon-cheon     
●hotlineat +82-10-3795-6099        
●13-seater large taxi reservation online website.